Collection: 柴田ケイコ×水縞

The "Henshin Barber/ Narikiri Bakery" series was designed by illustrator Keiko Shibata.

The "Henshin Barber" is a fun idea that lets you express various faces by freely combining contours and hairstyles.

"Narikiri BAKERY" is a collection of humorous breads and creatures that will make you grin and laugh.


Keiko Shibata
Illustrator / Picture book artist

Lives in Kochi Prefecture.
Freelance illustrator since 2002.
Debuted as a picture book author in 2016 with her first picture book "Mega Neko" (Letter Co., Ltd.).
Her representative works include the "Oishii-sono Shirokuma" series and the "Pan Dorobo" series.
Also holds solo exhibitions and produces original goods by herself.