Collection: shunshun×mizushima

Drawing artist Shun Shun carefully and naively depicts each of the scenes that resonate in his mind by means of lines created by a single pen stroke.

Each delicate line is a cluster of invisible fluxes of light and shimmering surface of water, while the carefully filled-in dense areas have a pleasantly rich expression.

The world that Shunshun sees is expressed in the form of a stamp, giving birth to a new and unprecedented stamp of freedom.


shunshun, drawing artist 

A calm sea shimmering with sunlight
The beautiful rain that pours down to the earth
Gentle starlight twinkling in the night sky
With a single stroke of a pen, he draws scenes that resonate in his heart.
He is an artist who draws carefully and simply, one by one, the scenes that touch his heart.
Born in Kochi and raised in Tokyo
Started his career as a painter from architecture
Lives and works in Hiroshima since 2012