about us

Mizushima was founded in 2006 by the polka dot lover designer and the shop owner who adores stripes. The brand was named after Polka dots (Mizutama) and Stripes (Shima-shima), the patterns which are simple, widly loved and never out of date. Finding inspirations in Japanese craftmanship and selecting fine materials we really love, we create simple but unique, well-designed and sometimes funny stationeries. By manufacturing with care in middle volume production and sometimes producing by our own hands, our products are clearly different from mass produced items in their quality and texture.



Paper bags, letter writing sets, postcards, memo pad and unique stickers ... Have fun with our good texture paper and well designed items!


What is good about rubber stamp is that you can stamp it repeatedly almost forever. Once you stamp it, your favorite note pad turns to be a useful organizer or plain white paper becomes a beautiful wrapping sheets. Our rubber stamps make your craft life happier and much more fun ...!


For more information or wholesale inquiry, please feel free to contact us anytime!