Collection: Tadashi Nishiwaki x mizushima

Illustrator Nishiwaki Tadashi creates illustrations that become more indescribable the more you look at them. The gently expressive, laid-back characters initially appear cute, but the more you observe, the more you are drawn into their surreal world.
The theme for the JIZAI stamps designed by Mr. Nishiwaki is "People and Food." Combine people in peculiar poses with unique food items to create enjoyable scenes.
There are two versions of the "JIZAI Clear Stamp LOG Techo Moriage tai" to lively decorate your planner: "Ojisan (Uncle)" and "Animals." Additionally, various paper items such as message cards and letter sets have been introduced, so please take a look.


Tadashi Nishiwaki

Illustrator. Engaged in a wide range of activities with indescribable illustrations and motifs, including books, advertisements, and merchandise. Authored works include "Kansai Ekotoba Jiten" (PIE International).