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Letter Writing set Sanji Biscotti ×Yatsuhashi × Sugar Candy

Letter Writing set Sanji Biscotti ×Yatsuhashi × Sugar Candy

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A letter set adorned with colorful patterns inspi red by snack time at 3 o'clock. Write your letter on the plain writing paper, wrap it with colorful patterned paper, and send it away. Patterned paper is crafted from thin white paper commonly used for wrapping, featu r ing a smooth texture on one s ide and a s l ightly rough texture on the other, providing a delightful touch. Comes with semi-transparent envelopes.

Size: Patterned paper 157×220 mm /  Writing paper 148×210 mm / Envelope 162×114 mm (+47mm)
Quantity: Patterned paper 3 designs ×2 sheets each  /  Writing paper 6 sheets / Envelope 3pcs

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