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Stamp Perpetual Calendar

Stamp Perpetual Calendar

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By rearranging the 11 parts of rubber stamps parts, you can make a little calendar of any month. You can use the stamp to make your original calendar or notebook, to keep track of your schedule by stamping it in a corner of your notebook, or for party invitations or birthday wishes by stamping it on a card.

The base plate is made of brass and the handle is made of walnut which are both changing gradually in color as you use. We hope you will enjoy the changing expressions.

29", "30", and "31" are removable.

*The metal part of the base, which is made of brass, is sharp. So please be careful when using it.
*To prevent losing the rubber parts, we recommend keeping them in the attached zip bag when not in use.

* Please note that there are individual differences in the grain of the handles. 
Some of them may have many knots in the wood.

Size  Stamp surface: 50 × 50 × H 65mm. Box : 65×57×H 82mm

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